Client Magenta

Allocate business support to the design and

coordination of events. 

Client Magenta is a start-up tech firm who have decided to hold their first annual conference. Associated costs will be significant, therefore benefits to brand and revenue must align with allocated investment. Designing a large-scale event from the ground up will require the dedication, professionalism and full focus of an experienced cross-functional team, and there is no doubt business support has a crucial role to play alongside marketing in maximising event success.

Whilst the team should work collaboratively as a cohesive unit, clarity on joint and individual remits will be essential. This requires a comprehensive understanding not only of tasks for completion but a full range of topics from conference theme and supplier budgets through to on-site luggage storage facilities. It will be essential they visit and fully familiarize themselves with the venue so that feasible logistics and transport options are best determined to benefit delegate experience and aid smooth running.

Any break-out meetings will need to be separately and proficiently scheduled in specific, named locations or private rooms which are readily accessible around agenda restrictions. The use of these locations should be time-managed on the ground, including frequent refreshment replenishment achievable with minimum interruption. Timings for networking sessions should be given careful consideration to ensure delegates have clarity on regular opportunities to conduct essential business calls, thereby avoiding any need to miss keynotes or leave the event.

A corresponding support schedule, and ideally a full rehearsal, will best prepare the team to contribute effectively. Each team member should aim not only for complete clarity of their specific role and responsibilities, but also a good familiarity with colleagues’ roles in case cover might unexpectedly be required. VIPs should be highlighted on attendee lists in advance to permit their identification and prioritisation of their experience. Prior to the conference, support can assist with the preparation and distribution of comprehensive briefing packs for hosts and arrange for these to be confidentially referenceable on site.

The support team’s internal credibility and performance rating in event coordination was raised based on its ability to excel in cross-functional and cross-level communication, obtain a depth of understanding of high-level event goals, display highly effective team-working and efficient on spec problem solving, and provide confident, calm support that underpinned conference success. Their role was extended to include post-event support with data and analysis, conducting follow-ups and contributing to future event support strategies.