Client Yellow

Design a business support role and hire the best candidate.

Client Yellow is a boutique branding partnership in their third successful year of business, whose founders now need to work long hours to keep ahead of essential business administration. Although confident they have the future income, client base and sales pipeline for a business support hire to ease workload, they are unsure how to determine appropriate role requirements or create a detailed job specification sufficient to attract the best candidate. It was key to think broadly and consider future development of this initial hire right from the outset.

There was evident requirement for more effective management of over-stretched and complex working schedules through considered, streamlined itinerary planning coupled with more cost-effective travel arrangement and clearer logistics. Possible time savings in document production and expense process could be made, also generating potential for improvement in overall business excellence through professionally branded reports and presentations, the content of which could be better informed through extensive background research.

It would take a leap of faith to delegate email, yet such a step would vastly improve response times, relationship management and internal prioritisation of business-critical issues. Dedicated support would ensure prompt capture and update of all key data and more impactful use of the client relationship management system to better support initiatives. The creation of new filing conventions would improve and streamline process. Prompt and regular social media updates would ensure the external face of the business would be kept current and on point.

The maximum potential of the new role was comprehensively planned, and key responsibilities were aligned to business strategy and goals before being encapsulated in a concise overview, which would serve as a crib sheet both for subsequent recruitment and role succession. Advice was provided on sourcing, shortlist and initial interview of appropriate candidates to determine those most likely to succeed, grow, and happily remain in a valued business support role. Careful questioning determined whether applicants might be seeking an in-road to an alternative position, to use the opportunity as a stopgap in their career, or greatly underestimate the breadth, expectations and challenge of the opportunity.

Any business support hire should both aim and desire to become highly knowledgeable about the overall business, its mission, goals and strategy, and want to contribute identifiable results toward growth and delivery. Only then can professional and support teams become fully aligned to effectively grow the business together in a mutually supportive, and results beneficial, way.