July 20, 2023



Sorella has become the largest beauty chain in the south-west of England with our help.

Sorella was founded in 2013 by siblings Jane and Rachel. Since then it has developed into the most trusted beauty service in south-west England.

Through delegating the business side to Appropria, Jane and Rachel were able to focus on their online presence, social media and client base. This allowed them to grow fast and retain more clients with their up front, in person and reliable front.

Sorella is now relied on by many famous faces and busy women acrossthe south west. It has gained advocates who praise the quality of the treatments and service and specifically note the amazing customer service team.

Appropria have helped Sorella with their co-ordination and scheduling as well as data management and employee human resources.  All internal Issues and management are handled quickly and efficiently. This is especially important to ensure that we can focus on the customer service side. We deliver a great service and excellent response times to all our customers.